Incenstix, a sculptural incense holder that is both poetic and straightforward, is now available for pre-order. It debuted at Sight Unseen Offsite last May, as part of the REFLECT series, curated by the collective Join Design

Seamlessly blending technology and craft, the Incenstix playfully combines two similar but distinctive techniques, creating multiple contrasts with a single material. The base is turned from two solid brass rods, while a thin brass disc was spun to create the tray. 

The three components connect to create a carefully balanced piece that elegantly holds a single incense stick. The angular verticality of the piece complements its delicate circularity. 

Now on pre-order online until August 20, it will be available at selected retailers by Fall 2016.


Images: Dropbox
Retail price: $135
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Press info: (415) 699 2428


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